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塑料袋盖与BlackBerry 9360 / 9370曲线的凹凸插入

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塑料袋盖与BlackBerry 9360 / 9370曲线的凹凸插入

塑料袋盖与BlackBerry 9360 / 9370曲线浮雕插入保护您的手机从日常生活的影响。覆盖整个表面的内部衬有柔软的面料,提供了缓冲的秋天,保证在智能手机上无划痕。采用光滑镜面面和亚光的组合,大胆的设计压纹后表面的,有趣的,并且,在同一时间,不张扬的设计。

Specifications and properties of the product

  • Quality and function: manufacturer unknown
  • Materials and fabric: genuine leather, plastic
  • Appearance, image and texture: raised parts, two or more colors, gloss / Chrome, matte
  • Product type:
Price:  $14

塑料袋盖与BlackBerry 9360 / 9370曲线的凹凸插入

Product variants and codes:

  • 金属/黑色 9360CASE-RI-BK
  • 金属/红 9360CASE-RI-RD
  • 金属/蓝 9360CASE-RI-BU

This product fits the BlackBerry models:

  • BlackBerry 9370
  • BlackBerry 9360
  • BlackBerry 9350