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与BlackBerry Q10纵向开皮套盖

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与BlackBerry Q10纵向开皮套盖

皮套盖有垂直开口BlackBerry Q10最可靠的保护您的手机从不利的外部影响(冲击,划痕,灰尘)。



同样的SRAs 与BlackBerry Q10纵向开皮套盖

Specifications and properties of the product

  • Quality and function: manufacturer unknown
  • Materials and fabric: fake leather, plastic
  • Appearance, image and texture: plain colored, with large texture
  • Product type:
Price:  $25
Product code: Q10VOCASE-ST-BK

与BlackBerry Q10纵向开皮套盖

This product fits the BlackBerry models:

  • BlackBerry Q10