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Incomplete housings for BlackBerry

彩色柜BlackBerry 9700 / 9780 Bold, 橙色拉丝,盖“皮肤” 独家颜色身体BlackBerry 9700 / 9780 Bold, 黄金/咖啡光泽的封面,“革” 色体(两部分),用于BlackBerry 8520曲线, 黑暗青铜,铬 色体(两部分),用于BlackBerry 9300曲线3G, 金属轮辋,盖白色 彩色柜BlackBerry 8900曲线, 拉丝金

The partial housing contains the set of tear-wear BlackBerry parts. Such housing is quick and inexpensive way to "refresh" the look of your BlackBerry or change a style to your personality. All cases are of high quality that we have specially selected for our store. You can also see all products of type BlackBerry parts.

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BlackBerry 9700/ 9780

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