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Side panels with buttons for BlackBerry 8100 Pearl

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Side panels with buttons for BlackBerry 8100 Pearl
Some of the most unstable parts to impacts. Worn panel significantly affect the overall impression of a smartphone, its tidiness and attractiveness and, sometimes, and functional. In our store a complete set of original panels with all the buttons, you can be exactly sure of their compatibility and performance when replacing.

Side panels — is that part of the smartphone 8100, which suddenly becomes unusable for various reasons. Due to the special arrangement, adverse effects affect them particularly frequently. Side panels can spoil the general appearance of the smartphone leafless / cracked paint or disrupt the functionality of the fallen button. We offer original side panels in a set of two parts, with all the buttons and cutouts in the right places. Original — means that they are produced by BlackBerry, are identical in color and size to the "family" of the phone. Replacing panel on the new, you will immediately see how to transform your BlackBerry, will return him to the neatness and attractiveness.

Available panels in two colors: light and dark metallic. For reference, see the photo.

Panels for 8110/8120/8130 — spare fundamentally different configuration. If you have a BlackBerry 8110, 8120 or 8130, see page Side panels with buttons for BlackBerry 8110/8120/8130 Pearl.

Specifications and properties of the product

Price:  $19

Side panels with buttons for BlackBerry 8100 Pearl

Product variants and codes:

  • Metallic 8100BEZEL-S
  • Dark metallic 8100BEZEL-BK

This product fits the BlackBerry models:

  • BlackBerry 8100