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High-capacity battery for the BlackBerry 9360/9370 Curve

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High-capacity battery for the BlackBerry 9360/9370 Curve
The capacity of 3500 mAh, which is significantly higher capacity standard battery E-M1 (only 1000 mAh). Cover included.

High-capacity battery for the BlackBerry 9360/9370 Curve capacity 3500 mAh allows your smartphone — longer because the capacity of the standard battery E-M1 only 1000 mAh! Use advanced battery comes in handy when the device is widely used, and the charge is not enough for the working day. Rid yourself of the need to find a power outlet or carry an extra battery!

It comes back, which accommodates high-capacity battery, while your device will look stylish and attractive.

This Li-Ion (Li-Ion) battery maintains a significant number of discharge-charge cycles, has a low rate of self-discharge (when the battery is not in use), and it is permissible "dozaryazhat", even if it is not fully discharged. However, please note that in order to achieve the maximum capacity of the battery, at the beginning of its operation is recommended for 2-3 cycles of full discharge and charge. And if you are planning for a long time not to use lithium-ion battery, charge it to the level of 70% of the container 1 per 6–9 months.

This battery requires a "reprogramming" or "setup" before the first use with your BlackBerry. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the battery from the original 9360/9370 Curve smartphone and insert your new Extended Battery
  2. When you see the X cross, remove the Extended Battery
  3. Insert the original battery in the device box, which comes complete with the extended battery into position «Original Battery»
  4. Insert the extended battery in the same device in the position of «New Battery»
  5. Lamps on the device blinked a few seconds and turn off
  6. Now insert the battery into the advanced smart phone use

Specifications and properties of the product

  • Quality and function: manufacturer unknown
  • Materials and fabric: plastic
  • Appearance, image and texture: plain colored, matte
  • Product type:
Price:  $40  $30
Product code: 9360BATT-EXT

High-capacity battery for the BlackBerry 9360/9370 Curve

This product fits the BlackBerry models:

  • BlackBerry 9370
  • BlackBerry 9360
  • BlackBerry 9350