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SIM chip connectors, SD for BlackBerry 9360/9370 Curve

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SIM chip connectors, SD for BlackBerry 9360/9370 Curve
Connectors SIM cards and memory cards installed on a single chip. The original part of the smartphone, such as installed in the assembly.

IC memory card and SIM card for the BlackBerry 9360/9370 Curve — is the original part of the smartphone: the same set initially during assembly at the factory.

PCB-33896-007 The device includes:

  • Slot Sim Card
  • Memory Card Slot
  • Connectors

Connector for SIM cards (SIM card slot, SIM-card connector, SIM-reader) — indispensable element 9360/9370 Curve smartphone, since it is the SIM card is an identifier in the GSM networks, so common throughout the world. Jack has a form factor "normal SIM card". If damaged SIM card slot on the BlackBerry is not possible to call, write SMS and messaging messenger and e-mail address becomes impossible — smartphone becomes a "brick". Of course, the repair in this case is a must need replacing this chip. For more information about repairing a SIM card slot, visit Replacing the SIM card connector page.

Memory card slot — necessary part of the smartphone to connect the Secure Digital microSD memory card standard (formerly known as TransFlash). BlackBerry 9360/9370 Curve can work with memory cards up to 64 GB (note the maximum amount of supported memory cards BlackBerry depends on the version of the operating system — "refreshed"!). BlackBerry 9360/9370 Curve supports high-speed SDHC Class 1-10 modes and SDXC UHS-1.

If the damage will not be detected by memory card slot, which significantly reduces the amount of memory available for storage. In this case, you want to replace the memory card slots: Replacing the memory card slot (on BlackBerry 9360/9370 easier to change the chip PCB-33896-007).

Specifications and properties of the product

Price:  $23
Product code: PCB-33896-007

SIM chip connectors, SD for BlackBerry 9360/9370 Curve

This product fits the BlackBerry models:

  • BlackBerry 9370
  • BlackBerry 9360