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Screen protector clear for BlackBerry 9360/9370 Curve

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Screen protector clear for BlackBerry 9360/9370 Curve
Classical, perfectly transparent film with a standard surface. Reliably protect your BlackBerry screen from scratches and dirt.

Glass Screen 9360/9370 — most of the smartphone scratched and scratched glass greatly affects the quality of the image and spoil the overall look of the phone. To protect the glass from mechanical damage, as well as to further strengthen the protection of the screen, use the film from the first days of purchasing the phone. Keep your BlackBerry impeccable!

Classic film protects the screen from the adverse effects remain virtually invisible eye, because it is perfectly clear and fine. The film is made in view of the form 9360 (70) has a corresponding shape and gets on bends, which is very important for maximum fit — she peeled off only when you are unstick it.

Sticker protective film — not a pleasant occupation even for a specialist. To perform the procedure, you must comply with the technology: to prepare the appropriate conditions to use a special liquid and the card to remove it. If you do not feel the strength to cope with this task, please contact our specialists: The label of the protective film to the screen.

Specifications and properties of the product

  • Quality and function: manufacturer unknown
  • Materials and fabric: polymer (film)
  • Appearance, image and texture: gloss / Chrome, transparent
  • Product type:
Price:  $4
Product code: 9360SCRPROT

Screen protector clear for BlackBerry 9360/9370 Curve

This product fits the BlackBerry models:

  • BlackBerry 9670