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International BlackBerry Store and Service center
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BlackBerry Spare parts for service centers

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If you — service center dedicated to the repair BlackBerry smartphone, you need spare parts and accessories. However, unlike other brands of smartphones repair, you are confronted with the following challenges:

  • Lineup BlackBerry wide, and have available all the parts impossible
  • Smartphones BlackBerry made of expensive materials and components, and buy them in advance for service centers economically inefficient
  • To distinguish the original from copies BlackBerry parts can be very difficult. This also applies to screens and touch screens, and the elements of the case
  • Find suppliers of original spare parts, even abroad, the task more time and experience. Acquisition of spare parts, even from reliable suppliers due to the high risks and increase the time and cost of repair

Cooperation with the company service centers InfoResheniya

Cooperating with us, you can help reduce repair time, improve customer satisfaction, and be able to undertake the repair of smartphones that you were previously not able to do.

We can offer you:

  • Access to the largest set of original spare parts and accessories for all models BlackBerry
  • quality assurance. We work only with reliable suppliers of quality and self-test of all components
  • No restrictions on the minimum order value and the number of purchased parts
  • We work with both the service centers of Moscow and regional
  • A flexible system of discounts. Start off after registering — 10%. Then the discount varies each month depending on the volume of orders in the previous month: for every thousand rubles — 1% discount; — minimum discount of 10%, maximum 25% —. For example, payment for goods in April at 22,000 rubles, your discount — 22% in May.
  • Possibility to buy accessories at discounted prices

To apply for cooperation:

  1. Complete profile
  2. Send a request to cooperate by email a letter titled "Application for cooperation from the service center <name>"

Repair BlackBerry outsourcing

If you do not have a specialist in repairing and tuning BlackBerry smartphones, we are ready to carry it for you. In addition, some work on BlackBerry setting, for example, PCT-unlock devices, can only be done by our company. Here you get all the advantages described above, including discounts.