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FAQ on batteries for BlackBerry

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Battery or "battery» — is an indispensable element of any electronic device, including BlackBerry smartphone. From the quality of the battery depends reliability of your BlackBerry, in fact it provides power hardware components with the necessary voltage and current, and in the case of even a small deviation of the characteristics of the lifetime and reliability of operation of the device are reduced.

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Battery types for BlackBerry

Different models BlackBerry can use the same — surprising battery, this policy is shared by many manufacturers of smart phones, including RIM BlackBerry. Therefore, in the name of convenience BlackBerry identified them by type (list BlackBerry models can be updated with new as they become available):

battery Type Compatible with models BlackBerry RIM BlackBerry Marking (last 3 digits may vary)
R-U1 * (non-removable) BlackBerry PlayBook
N-X1 BlackBerry Q10 BAT-52961-003
* (Non-removable) BlackBerry Q5 BAT-51585-001 *
* (Non-removable) BlackBerry Z30 BAT-50136-001 *
  • BlackBerry Z10
  • BlackBerry P'9982 Porsche Design
J-S1 BlackBerry 9220 / 9315/9320 Curve BAT-44582-003
E-M1 BlackBerry 9360 / 9370 Curve BAT-34413-003
  • BlackBerry P'9981 Porsche Design
  • BlackBerry 9790 Bold
  • BlackBerry 9900 / 9930 Bold Touch
  • BlackBerry 9850 / 9860 Torch
  • BlackBerry 9380 Curve
F-M1 BlackBerry 9100 / 9105 Pearl 3G BAT-24387-003
F-S1 BlackBerry 9800 / 9810 Torch BAT-26483-003
  • BlackBerry 9000 Bold
  • BlackBerry 9700 / 9780 Bold
  • BlackBerry 8900 Curve
  • BlackBerry 9520 / Storm2 9550
  • BlackBerry 9500 / 9530 Storm
  • BlackBerry 9630 Tour
  • BlackBerry 9300 Curve 3G
  • BlackBerry 8520 Curve
  • BlackBerry 87xx
  • BlackBerry 8300 / 8310/8320 Curve
  • BlackBerry 8100 / 8120/8130 Pearl
  • BlackBerry 8220 Pearl Flip
C-X2 BlackBerry 8800 / 8820/8830 BAT-11005-001

Thus, for example, batteries for BlackBerry 9900 Bold and BlackBerry 9860 Torch — type J-M1, ie, exactly the same.

Capacity and manufacturers

Furthermore, the characteristics of the batteries for BlackBerry needed primarily to pay attention to the capacity, measured in mAh (milli-ampere-hours), the size, and the manufacturing company.

  • Original batteries BlackBerry — this is a battery that you have been supplied an original phone, no better and no worse. This battery is usually marked RIM BlackBerry type BAT-30615-006 for J-M1 battery. This is the best option for replacing the battery has a good job, if it suits you.
  • Proprietary batteries BlackBerry known brands such as Seidio — often this option is better than the original in its characteristics, while maintaining its size and quality on the same high level. Proprietary batteries are more expensive, but last longer and longer hold the charge without regular recharging, which is convenient for business trips or other trips.
  • Non-original batteries (batteries-up) for BlackBerry — produced by unknown companies, as a rule, in China. It is a cheaper analog of the original battery, they have a shorter life and do not guarantee reliability. Batteries-up for new BlackBerry models (J-M1, F-M1 , F-S1 , etc.) for their work usually requires the prior "reconfiguration"; , older types of batteries do not need to be alone and work immediately. It should be remembered that not all batteries copy the same, there is less qualitative, and there are better, when they are the same appearance. In our shop InfoResheniya we have selected for you the most good alternative to the original battery — and more reliable, and does not require prior "reconfigure".
  • High-capacity battery — how they are branded with the Japanese production, and non-proprietary. The main difference for high-capacity batteries BlackBerry — usually larger in size and therefore in its bundled and include additional battery cover, the battery is capable to fit larger size. The capacity of the battery may be 3000 mAh and above, and accordingly, the operating times is much more than the original battery. It's your choice if you are not afraid to add your BlackBerry to 5 mm thickness. Proprietary high-capacity battery, according to tradition, are reliable and guarantee a long service life. Non-original, the Chinese, are less original, but still fulfill their main purpose, that is, increase the time of the smartphone without recharging.
  • Gold Battery The batteries and the like, with an increased capacity, but do not require an additional cover. Cheating on which "carried" many ignorant people BlackBerry. More — below.

How to distinguish the original battery from the battery BlackBerry copy?

To date, there are real problems with the battery purchase: to distinguish the original BlackBerry battery from copies of the battery is quite difficult even experienced, not to mention the usual buyer — original batteries often manufactured in China (but under Canadian BlackBerry control) with the inscription «Made in China "on the package, and third-party manufacturers have learned to make such copies, which look the same and do not require pre" reconfigure ". Moreover, sometimes even the sellers do not know what kind of batteries they sell, the original or a copy.

What advice can be given to the buyer? For starters, think about the fact that the original battery can not be cheap. Then you should pay attention to the packaging, which should be a bar code with proprietary code BlackBerry, for example, BAT-30615-006 for J-M1 battery. Also, you should look closely at the color and pattern on the battery — they must be clear. There is another subtlety: sometimes the batteries copy weigh slightly less than the original, but it can only be determined with the help of scales with an accuracy of at least 1 gram. Therefore, the only reliable criterion is the battery supplier — you can ask the seller, where the battery, the battery for the original — BlackBerry it should be a supplier of the United States, Japan or Europe.

So far we have not met with cases of counterfeiting of branded batteries, as, for example, Japanese Seidio. Therefore, if you are still in doubt, choose a brand battery.

Important Update: distinguish the original battery for BlackBerry from the battery is not easy to copy ("Brazen" batteries-up to BlackBerry, or pseudo- "Made in Japan").

True and not true about «Gold Battery» for BlackBerry

And there is no truth at all, «Gold Battery» BlackBerry — for this deception. Or do you think, whether at RIM BlackBerry or Seidio opportunity to release the battery of the same size, but the larger capacity, they have not done so?

Gold Battery для BlackBery Z10 — обманGold Battery для BlackBery 9800/9810 — обман

Gold Battery для BlackBery 9900, 9860 — обман

Yes, gold upakovochka — and people already "wilt". Just think how many people have been deceived. On the other hand, demand creates supply: if you want to be cheated — please, but only pay for it!

We conducted tests. Gold Battery «holds" charge less than the original battery, smaller copy, and quickly breaks down: every day, the battery life will all shrink and shrink. What's the catch? Remove the gold upakovochku (gently pry with a sharp object), and read the real capacity of the battery. Surprised? We think that very soon a manufacturer of popular "golden batteries" and this mistake will take into account, and under cover will show off the same "huge" power of milli-ampere-hours.

On the video Gold Battery for iPhone 5, but BlackBerry — all the same. Sadness.

Once again, the main difference between high-capacity batteries for BlackBerry — they are bigger (and are due to the size of a large capacity), and therefore in its scope of delivery includes an extra battery cover and capable to fit the oversized battery.

Let's do a little comparison.

Buy Original Battery M-S1 for BlackBerry
Original Battery M-S1 for BlackBerry 9700 / 9780 Bold (BAT-14392-001)

— capacity 1450 mAh.
Buy Branded high-capacity battery M-S1, which requires no additional cover Seidio Innocell Extended Battery for BlackBerry
Corporate high-capacity battery M-S1, which requires no additional cover Seidio Innocell Extended Battery for BlackBerry 9700 / 9780 Bold (BASI17BBX5)

— capacity 1750 mAh. Yes, increase capacity without increasing the size is there, but only 20%!

Now, for high-capacity battery with increasing size.

Buy Original Battery J-M1 for BlackBerry
Original Battery J-M1 for BlackBerry 9900 / 9930 Bold (BAT-30615-006)

— capacity 1230 mAh.
Buy Branded high-capacity battery Seidio Innocell Extended Battery for BlackBerry 9900 / 9930 Bold
Corporate high-capacity battery Seidio Innocell Extended Battery for BlackBerry 9900 / 9930 Bold (BASI30BBX8)

— capacity 3000 mAh. Here it is, the real capacity gains — 144%! But this is by increasing the size of the battery.

How to "reconfigure" Battery-up

It has already been mentioned, the batteries copy BlackBerry for new models (J-M1, F-M1, F-S1, etc.) for their work usually requires the prior "reconfigure" the older types of batteries do not need to be alone and work immediately. This migration is called "transmigration of the soul" or "chipping".

Аккумулятор E-M1 (копия) для BlackBerry 9360 Curve с устройством "переселения душ"

If you purchased the battery, requiring the "reconfiguration", after inserting it into the smart phone it will not work immediately, but will show a crossed battery. To install the battery so the battery, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the original battery from BlackBerry smartphone and insert your new battery
  2. After appearing on the cross X screen, remove the new battery
  3. Insert the original battery in the device-to-box, which was complete with a new battery (see. Picture), in the position of «Original Battery»
  4. Insert a new battery in the same device in the position of «New Battery»
  5. Lamps on the device blinked a few seconds and turn off
  6. Now insert the new battery in the smart phone, it will work

Unfortunately, such "transplant the soul" has to do not only on first use, but sometimes during the operation. It's not very comfortable, because I always have to carry the original battery in case of re-performing the procedure.

Increased time BlackBerry battery life without recharging

Read the article in The increase in working time without recharging the battery BlackBerry.

Possible problems with battery

If your BlackBerry you only see the crossed-out battery are possible reasons:

  • this is after market battery and for using it is necessary to perform a reprogramming of the embedded chip
  • the battery is out of order, it needs to be replaced
  • damaged power chip in the phone — carry the phone to a service center

If the "inflated" the battery:

  • battery is non-genuine, it happens sometimes with them
  • perhaps his good help. Check the moisture indicator: normally it is about contact, is a small strip (see picture.). If the red light, moisture has taken place.

Индикатор влаги на аккумуляторе BlackBerry