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"Brazen" batteries-up to BlackBerry, or pseudo- "Made in Japan"

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Subject batteries for BlackBerry very urgent. Each user is dreaming about how to charge your smartphone less — it's convenient! View users on iPhones, and you realize that John Chen called them "seekers outlets" exactly, I do not know any of their users know ah backgrounds who have left the house without a charger. Yes, not all models BlackBerry hold a charge and a day, but the trend is scheduled pleasant — BlackBerry Q10, Z30. Passport!

We already wrote FAQ on batteries for BlackBerry, and strongly recommend that you read it. In it, we have reflected issues such as the types of batteries for BlackBerry and their compatibility, capacity, producers, batteries, copy, how to make "chipping" battery-copies, and how to extend the BlackBerry work of charge, as well as exposed the «Gold Battery». Also separately tried to explain how to distinguish copies from the original battery. It's time to admit that at the moment — way. That is, it will not be possible to make the average user BlackBerry.

The original battery for BlackBerry: made in China, the battery-copy — in Japan!

People love "gold cover", and cheaper. Similarly to the «Gold Battery», batteries, copies are attracted not only the price but also the country of the manufacturer. Everyone wants to see «Made in Japan»! On the original battery can be honestly published that it is produced in China (currently every major company has manufacturing facilities in China, of course, under the supervision of the head office), the battery-copy proudly says that it is made in Japan! Yes, Chinese manufacturers do not hesitate to write exactly what the buyer wants to see.

Оригинальный аккумулятор J-M1 для BlackBerry 9900. Да, сделан в Китае Аккумулятор-копия J-M1 для BlackBerry 9900. Конечно, Япония. Зачем стесняться-то?

One battery — Made in China, the second — Made in Japan. Guess which one is the original? That's right, the one that is made in China! Yes, the original battery can also be made in Japan and Korea, but not necessarily! Do not "fooled" on the country of origin.

Аккумулятор-копия L-S1 для BlackBerry Z10. "Аккумуляторный элемент сделан в Корее, в дальнейшем все собрано в Японии". Ух, какая глупость

And here is a Chinese manufacturer of battery-copies for BlackBerry Z10 little overreacted: Well maybe not the battery cell to be made in Korea (cheaper production) and later assemble the battery in Japan (more expensive production).

Оригинальный аккумулятор J-M1 для BlackBerry 9900, тыльная сторона. "Аккумуляторный элемент сделан в Корее, в дальнейшем все собрано в Китае"

See an example of the original battery: a battery cell is made in Korea (more expensive production), in the future, all assembled in China (cheaper production).

Battery Purchase for BlackBerry

It's all clear now, but if, nevertheless, the need to buy the original battery, how to find it? At the moment, our experts say that is no longer possible to rely any difference in weight or the color and print quality of the cover or the presence of the package with a bar code, or the fact that the copies of the required "chipping", as we advised it do earlier in the FAQ.

What are the tips we give to the buyer at the moment?

  • Think about that the original battery can not be cheap. Look, for example, the price difference of the original and copies of batteries in our company: Chargers and batteries for BlackBerry
  • Buy rechargeable batteries only in reliable stores you trust. Often, the seller himself does not suspect that sell copies and not original batteries for BlackBerry, because he buys them as cheaply as possible, and not directly from BlackBerry dealers, and through intermediaries.