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BlackBerry Leap: a review and comparison

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Today we offer you to look at a kind of "hybrid» — BlackBerry Leap — smartphone Z3 design and performance Z10 / Z30.

BlackBerry Leap

Company BlackBerry, which faces competition from several leading brands of smartphones, recently released a model Leap. In Asia, it costs about $ 330 (18,000 rubles). Leap — fully touch device, along with the Z10 and Z30. Here are its features:

Design and location of functional elements

BlackBerry Leap — rugged smartphone-quality assembly, with dimensions of 144 mm x 72 mm x 9.50 mm and weighing about 170 grams. (For comparison, Z3 a little smaller: 164 grams and 140 mm in height.). Leap On the back of the camera is located and media speaker (some say that it drowns out the sound, if you put the phone). The front has a large screen and a voice device speaker. mute buttons and volume controls are located on the right side wall, and — device power button on top. Top is also a headphone jack of 3.5 mm diameter. USB port (Micro) is located at the bottom. The left side holds the connector for a SIM card and a memory card (SIM card Micro-Sim and MicroSD format standard format memory card).

By type Leap little different from Z3: the front part in general is no different, and behind the same cover practical relief from hard plastic, the same location of the speaker and logo. Differences exist in the camera (at present Leap glossy insert with the inscription 8 MP).

BlackBerry Leap и BlackBerry Z3: вид сзади

Also, an interesting fact is that the arrangement of functional elements in the side Leap replaced by the opposite (at Z3 slot SIM card / memory card, on the contrary, the right and left buttons —). Why did it not fully clear.

Here are some more photos Leap:

BlackBerry Leap: передняя часть У BlackBerry Leap слоты расположены слева Снизу расположен MicroUSB-разъем BlackBerry Leap

Unlike the Z3, which is released only in black, Leap presented in both basic colors: black and white.

Leap выпущен и в черном, и в белом цветах

Screen, the camera and sound

Leap screen has a sufficient viewing angle and high rates of: 720 × 1280 pixel resolution and clarity of 294 PPI. These figures are almost identical to the characteristics of the Z30 screen, which is renowned for image quality. Z3 Jakarta essentially loses Leap: at the same rate at 5 inches it has a resolution of only 540 × 960 pixels, and the clarity of 220 PPI.

The main camera in Leap 8MP, as we see from the inscription, front — 2 MP. Compared with the Z3, where the camera produces really not very good shots at Leap decent camera, pictures come out level Z10 or Z30. Camera BlackBerry Leap has autofocus, LED-flash, as well as a known function Time Shift (the ability to choose the best shot from the series). Pictures may be a little grainy in low light, which, in principle, the norm; Daylight camera takes the best. The front camera is quite good, quite amiss for video and selfie-shots, and it is also better than the Z3 (2 MP vs. 1.1).

As for the sound, there is only subjective data: the sound of the phone is good in the presence of high-quality headphones.

Hardware and Performance

The device is equipped with a dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 with 2 GB of RAM. This combination gives a performance level Z10, Z3 in figures here below. Leap different work fast, very tolerant and multi-tasking is not "hang" when you switch applications.

Smart file storage 16 contains GB internal memory which can be increased by another 128 GB using a memory card.

The smartphone is quite suitable for gaming, "impedes" it only when demanding gaming resources.

The operating system and applications

Leap, in general, is different from other devices operating system 10 includes the same comfort and flexibility. He works on the last, so far, the firmware version 10.3.1. Phone is compatible with third-party applications (Android, etc.).

It is noteworthy that the device supports BlackBerry Meetings — application allows video or audio conference with up to 25 participants from your contact list. A good solution for business.

BlackBerry Blend works here in the same mode, using it convenient to chat with, view files and work with your phone through your computer.

Gestures and functions specific to BlackBerry 10 are present. Smartphone screen turns on when you take it, the sleep mode is activated, when you put the screen side down, silent call mode starts when you turn — nothing new.

BlackBerry Leap also provides FM-radio function, however, is not the ability to record broadcast.


The battery is not removable, capacity of 2800 mAh. According to official statements, the phone works up to 16 days of standby time. How — fact nobody knows, comprehensive tests have been conducted.
For comparison, a similar capacity of Z30, and Z3 have a little less — 2500 mAh.

networking Support

The device supports 4G and Bluetooth, but NFC Support at Leap not.


Some believe that BlackBerry selected countries policy issue devices, and can not compete with the "giants" in the form of, for example, Android and Windows. But we must not forget that BlackBerry — unique smartphones, their benefits can not go off-scale performance, and the convenience of working, unparalleled safety and efficiency. In this respect, Leap — quite decent device if you choose a touchscreen smartphone BlackBerry, we boldly recommend you to pay attention to it. It is not clear is why the company has released Z3 Jakarta, the device is clearly losing the characteristics, but for the price and not so low.