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BlackBerry Passport: the view from the side

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Armando Sanchez El Paso Regional IT-Manager, Texas, oversees the 13 IT managers it uses BlackBerry Passport, to stay in touch with your work team and family, no matter where it is. He used a variety of Android-devices in the past, but it BlackBerry he sees device for professionals.

Q: What attracted you to BlackBerry Passport?

Sanchez: I'm always on the road for work, and sometimes it is difficult in some places. I need a "tough" phone. BlackBerry reliability and structural strength were the main reasons when choosing Passport. I've owned other phones - HTC EVO, EVO Shift, and Motorola Atrix - but I've always loved BlackBerry. BlackBerry has always been a sign of professionalism. I had BlackBerry Curve, 9630 Tour, 9900 Bold, Z10, Q10, and now BlackBerry Passport.

Question: How do you use BlackBerry Passport in your daily work?

Sanchez: BlackBerry Passport is the most important tool in my work. Recently, my wife went with me for two days on a business trip. On the way back, I received an urgent letter from one of my bosses. I needed to get information about some data to work with, which we produce in seven different places. My laptop was dead, but I had an Excel document, which should be completed. While I was driving, my wife became my secretary with Passport. I called in every place to get information, and she, meanwhile, brings all the data in the Excel worksheet. When all the information has been obtained, it was already in the table using Documents To Go. And I sent him an e-mail to his boss. Calls, editing a document and send it to fruition with BlackBerry Passport. Passport really all-in-one. With the latest update OS 10.3.1, I can use Office Mobile and have access to all my Office-documents on Microsoft OneDrive. Very good!

Q: How about instant messaging?

Sanchez: I work with a lot of young technicians, who do not make phone calls - all text or instant messaging. While I make phone calls, instant messaging is a primary means of communication of my team. With group messaging I can communicate with everyone to learn about the results of the work, solving technical problems, etc. BBM great answers come instantly.

Question: It seems that you have a good productivity with BlackBerry Passport?

Sanchez: Yes, I'm able to quickly communicate and remind all my technical managers of the relevant documents to me at any given day. I can watch them on my phone, edit them, and send them quite easily. The laptop is not my main business tool.

Question: What are the features of the device you mentioned?

Sanchez: Each function works great! BBM allows me to communicate with my wife while I'm on the plane to 30,000 feet above the ground, when Wi-Fi is available. Availability BlackBerry applications and Android applications on my Passport also a big plus. I use them to stay on top of work, and to use applications for travel (booking rooms, vehicles, or fly at any time).

Q: What applications do you use primarily?

Sanchez: I'm actively using Documents To Go, Concur Mobile, BlackBerry Travel, Evernote, OpenTable, Pinterest, E * TRADE, SiriusXM, iGrann, Workday, maps, Southwest Airlines, Hilton, Netflix and chat with your friends, of course. BlackBerry Hub is great - I can see everything that's important to me.

Question: How do you feel about the 30-hour work BlackBerry Passport battery?

Sanchez: It's fantastic! I spend a lot of time at the airport, and I'm one of the few who is not attached to the charging station. It is important to me - I can work all day and have so far charged device. Most people are not able to watch movies or surf the web at the end of the day, if they do not carry an extra Ipad or Android tablet. When flights are delayed, you can see the white cords all in abundance. Meanwhile, I and my BlackBerry independent, all on my palm.

Question: How would you rate it?

Sanchez: Easy 10-of-10.

Question: What are the reactions you get from BlackBerry Passport?

Sanchez: Everyone I talked about Passport were impressed with the device, especially after I showed all its features. People were delighted with the battery the most.

Working hours*:

BlackBerry Passport 30 hours
Samsung Galaxy S5 23 hours
iPhone 6 21 hours
iPhone 6 Plus 25 hour

* Based on third-party laboratory testing BlackBerry, with the use of 4G and 3G. Results may vary depending on network conditions and usage.