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Overview BlackBerry Curve 3G

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Smartphone BlackBerry Curve 3G — is the next step in the development of one of the most sold from Research In Motion Models (RIM). This model supports Curve 3G-technology, and also boasts a willingness to upgrade to the operating system version 6 BlackBerry OS 6, despite the fact that this smartphone is running pre BlackBerry OS 5 (Operating System version 5).

While many users have switched to BlackBerry Bold 9700 model, Bold 9650, Torch or Storm, Curve smartphones series still remain a bestseller "RIM" company, and the latest innovations do exactly this model worthy of attention.

It should be noted that this model is not meant to be a top fan-users BlackBerry, who always want to have only the newest and most advanced smart phones, it is intended for those who want a nice look at the functional and ergonomic smartphone Blackberry. This model, of course, is intended primarily for those who are still using ordinary mobile phone, but I would like to start using the simple-to-use smartphone. We offer For a complete overview of this device.

BlackBerry Curve 3G — Specifications

Size (DxShxT)

Length 4.29 inch / 109 mm

The width of 2.36 inches / 60 mm

Thickness 0.55 inches / 13.9 mm

The weight

104 g

operating system

BlackBerry OS 5 / compatibility with BlackBerry OS 6

CPU frequency

624 MHz


— 256 MB of internal flash memory

— 256 MB of internal memory

Extended memory

— microSD card capacity of 2GB included

— a slot for microSD memory cards up to 32GB


Capacity 1150 mAh removable / rechargeable lithium-ion battery


color display 320x240 pixels

color TFT LCD display


2.0 megapixel camera, fixed focus (AF), video recording support


Normal Mode: 320 x 240 pixels

MMS Mode: 176 x 144 pixels


built-in GPS technology with support for A-GPS (using GPS)


Standard 802.11b / g / n, supports UMA standard


Bluetooth v2.1 module, mono / stereo headset, handsfree, serial port profile, the module supports a stereo Bluetooth Stereo Audio (A2DP / AVCRP) and Profile Bluetooth SIM Access Profile


3.5 mm audio jack


Supports tri-band UMTS networks: (800/850) / 1900/2100 MHz or 900/1700/2100 (check with your network provider)

Support for quad networks: GSM / GPRS / EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

BlackBerry Curve 3G: external data and specifications

Type, form factor and build quality

At first glance, many may seem that this smartphone looks just like BlackBerry Curve 85xx. However, this is a deceptive first impression, in fact, it looks more like the original model BlackBerry Curve 8300. Framing devices in series 85hh flat and less streamlined, while framing the model BlackBerry Curve 3G has a clear line and stands out from the phone.
The first impression that you get when pulled out BlackBerry Curve 3G out of the box, this is not a smartphone in the series 85hh, but rather a series of 83hh. And it is not in any way a negative fact. Devices BlackBerry Curve 83xx were and are powerful enough to look at, and the new BlackBerry Curve 3G also appears as such, whereas smartphones series 85hh create a feeling of "cheapness" and "fragility". One senses that the build quality of this model is much higher than in previous models. Definitely feel more confidence in the assembly of the smartphone, rather than smartphones 85hh series. Trackpad is slightly higher, more elevated, while smartphones 85xx series it was somewhat recessed into the housing. space is also expanded to accommodate the Call, Menu key, Back, and End, which provides the user with an easier access to the necessary buttons.


— keyboard design is not always a unique solution. Since the release of BlackBerry Bold 9000, many users are accustomed to is the design of its keyboard more than any other keyboard Curve series devices. Curve Keyboard 9300 model is no exception. Whether a novice or an experienced user Curve - all will feel comfortable in dealing with the keyboard, but those who are accustomed to the keyboard of the type as in smartphones Bold, will have more to adapt to its use as keys emit a sound like the ticking of a clock . Keyboard steadily fixed on the enclosure, which eliminates all kinds of vibration when working with it. In addition, it has an attractive appearance, ergonomic and compact enough.

Battery life

Tests of the device for the battery life were successful, compared with BlackBerry Torch, it's like a dream that comes true. With battery life BlackBerry Torch 9800 and the latest OS 6 is really not so smooth as we would like, and use BlackBerry Curve 3G reminded once again how much really needs to function battery BlackBerry smartphone. When operating BlackBerry Curve 3G, using the standard battery capacity of 1150 mAh, it was assumed that the duration of battery life could be reduced through the use of 3G module, but this did not happen. The company "RIM" really worked hard to create a 3G-module and the device — vivid example of this.

In addition, it should be noted that the operation BlackBerry Curve 3G with a full charge when using Wi-Fi and GPS missing almost the whole day. If you do not use Wi-Fi and GPS, the work may take up to one and a half days, using, in this case, an active e-mail application, Twitter and instant messaging BlackBerry program.

I've often used the browser, because, frankly, there were frequent crashes in the browser BlackBerry Torch, and it tired me greatly, I had to restart the browser in OS 5 BlackBerry again and again. But here, in the time when I used the browser, it is virtually no effect on battery life.

The quality of telephone service and the weakening (attenuation) of signal

Testing the quality of incoming and outgoing calls in BlackBerry Curve 3G. I spent testing Torch models, Bold 9700 and 8520. Of all model for signal quality devices Bold 9700, undoubtedly holds the first place, and 8520 - the last. At what point 9300, you ask? I would put this model before 8520, but not higher than Torch, that the quality is close to 9700. In general, the calls are marked sufficient volume and clarity, but occasionally gave the smartphone sound, similar to the effect of the echo, it seemed that in the dynamics of several fonit .

The quality of the camera and camcorder

Frankly, there is nothing remarkable. The smartphone is equipped with a 2 megapixel camera, from which you can not expect much. It should be noted that this smartphone will approach as an option for capturing random shots of your children or friends, but in other cases - is certainly not the best option for serious photo-session. The situation is similar with Video - smart phone is good for casual video recording, but you do not work with it to stay in someone's wedding, that's for sure. In our time, when there are devices with a 5-, 8- and 10-megapixel cameras, and no one thinks to buy BlackBerry Curve 3G only in order to use it as a camera or camcorder.

Other smartphone devices: Wi-Fi module, GPS, Bluetooth, speakers, display

Given the presence of the module Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth, the smartphone BlackBerry Curve 3G can be considered a well-equipped device. Wi-Fi module in the smartphone demonstrates the excellent quality, given that it supports the wireless standard 802.11 b / g / n. And the index «n» here, obviously, is the most significant since, as even the BlackBerry Bold 9700 is equipped with them, whose presence is also planned in the next model BlackBerry Bold 9780. While for some the presence of this module is not the main cause of to buy a smartphone, for others — contrary, this module is very important. Either way, it functions quite high.

With regard to the GPS module in BlackBerry Curve 3G, its functionality is the same as in other models on the market BlackBerry, it works quickly and finds your location accurately. Although the frequent use of the GPS module leads to premature discharge of the battery.

there is no single opinion on the quality and functionality of the speaker. Smartphone BlackBerry Bold 9000 was and still is the best in this respect (and not only this). The company "RIM" has not yet created another device which would be better smartphone Bold 9000. Speakers BlackBerry Curve 3G does not go to any comparison not with loudspeakers Loudspeakers enough Bold 9000. Radiation at issue and a kind of "crunched" sound when listening to music, however, headphones all right.

Using your smartphone in hands-free mode, however, on the level, but as soon as you want to watch a movie or listen to music, you'll notice that the speakers do not really cope with this task adequately.
The screen quality is — on what "RIM" the company would not have to save. Best quality 320x240 display different smartphones BlackBerry Curve 8900 North American assembly. Display BlackBerry Curve 3G, being quite impressive, does not produce all the same proper impression. Useful screen area and lack of resolution is not very convenient. Although, if you are not spoiled-resolution screens of other devices, you it is not likely to bring inconvenience.

BlackBerry Curve 3G — & Accessories

Members BlackBerry Curve 3G will not experience a lack of choice of accessories for your smartphone. The fact that this smartphone is very similar to BlackBerry Curve 8520, speaks in favor of the fact that most of the accessories are identical accessories for 8520. Not only suitable protective shield and some cases, since the area of ​​the trackpad and the keyboard has changed.

Conclusion. Verdict BlackBerry 9300 Curve 3G

In conclusion, it should be noted that this differs smartphone low cost and is intended primarily for new BlackBerry members. Anyone who travels around the world, it would certainly be very useful. Even Mike Lazaridis said this in his statement:

"Every user on the mobile phone market all over the world ever have to buy their first smartphone and that BlackBerry Curve 3G built in such a way to help many of you to take that first step to the world of smartphones".

No one argues that BlackBerry Curve 3G — this new model is the best BlackBerry. This, above all, one of the most affordable smartphones BlackBerry. The company "RIM" knew exactly what she was doing in relation to this device. Series BlackBerry Curve has not yet had the support of 3G-technology, and many will focus on the fact that the new model 8530 has a 3G module, but it does not matter. At no global standard CDMA spread, GSM standard universally recognized, thus, 3G module implemented BlackBerry Curve 3G to GSM standard. If you need something with a better display, camera and even with the best "iron", a smartphone BlackBerry Curve 3G — not the best option for you. On the other hand, BlackBerry Curve 3G is a perfect choice for those users who would like to try the ergonomic, affordable, full-fledged smartphone with 3G speeds. These users — this is the potential target audience for which, strictly speaking, this smartphone was released. BlackBerry Curve 3G demonstrates excellent external data, and design and, at the same time, in full compliance with the tradition BlackBerry smartphones without unnecessary add-ons, which this group of users, and probably do not need.