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How to install Android-apps (APK) on 10 BlackBerry

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Starting with version BlackBerry OS 10.2.1, you are presented with the opportunity to install .apk files, that is, the application files used by Android, directly to your phone. This feature allows owners of devices BlackBerry 10, whether Z10, Q10, Q5, Z30, or something else, to use without restriction all-a wide range of All Android apps. Previously, this required a complex and lengthy process, but now everything is much easier. If you can not find the desired application in BlackBerry World, now you have a chance to find it in a number of other sources.

However, before you download the APK-files, the simplest way to go — use Amazon AppStore store Android applications (preinstalled on BlackBerry OS 10.3+), or program Snap (Snap to download and install applications on Android-BlackBerry 10). If these methods, you can not find the desired application, see below.

Step 1: Locate and download the .apk file of a certain application on your PC

You can find it in a variety of sources, such as:

Step 2. Copy the .apk on your BlackBerry

Get the apk-file you can directly going from his BlackBerry device to one of the web-resources and downloading it (this is the easiest option), or send yourself an e-mail file, or download the file from your computer to your phone via the USB-cable / Wi -Fi-connection.

Step 3. Install the application from the device BlackBerry

If you have downloaded .apk file to your device from a web browser, the screen immediately appears the window "Download» (Downloads), where you will be asked to choose a file name and location to save it. When you do this, just click on the file. If the Downloads window does not appear, you can call it manually by clicking on the drop down menu at the bottom right of the screen (three small dots) and select "Downloads".

If the file has been moved to your phone in any other way, you can easily find it by clicking on the icon in the form of a magnifying glass, located at the bottom of the main screen in the middle, and entering into that appears at the top of the screen «.apk» Search box. You will see a list of all files and documents on your device, the corresponding request. Just select from list the application that you want to install. Also you can use a file manager.

Android-installed application will start after a brief appearance indicator "Processing» (Processing). Click "Install» (Install) in the upper right, and in the window that appears, informing you about the permissions required to run the application, click the "Accept» (Accept).

Additional Information

When you first install the .apk file to your BlackBerry, you will be prompted to turn off security settings, which otherwise will block the installation of these files. Previous installation screen will return when you click "Open» (Open), which will appear instead of "Install" button when the installation is completed.

Since then installed application will be displayed as well as all other applications. Simply scroll through the main screen from right to left several times to find the desired icon, and place it in any folder or anywhere in the home screen to your liking. To drag an icon, hold your finger few moments.

Also, you might want to hide the panel at the bottom of the screen. Swipe your finger from top to bottom when the app is open, and click "Hide panel» (Hide bar).

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the application will work just as well as on Android devices.

This article applies to smartphones on BlackBerry 10:

  • BlackBerry Z30
  • BlackBerry Z3
  • BlackBerry Z10
  • BlackBerry Q5
  • BlackBerry Q10
  • BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition SQW100-4
  • BlackBerry Passport
  • BlackBerry Leap
  • BlackBerry Classic
  • BlackBerry 9983
  • BlackBerry 9982