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Accessories and spare parts BlackBerry KEYone

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BlackBerry KEYone — Accumulated experience BlackBerry

The physical keyboard, large capacitive touchscreen, the highest performance and quality of the camera, first-class design, countless applications of Google Play and unsurpassed security. This is how you can create the perfect smartphone.

Shop for Smartphone BlackBerry KEYone:

Screens, keyboards, screen protectors, covers, chargers and other accessories and spare parts for BlackBerry KEYone

BlackBerry KEYone (also known under the code name Mercury) — is a smartphone that combines RIM's experience in BlackBerry in design, safety and ergonomics. That is why KEYone was so well rated by users.

To equip your smartphone with useful accessories, refer to the products on this page, and you will find everything you need. We accompany all products with “real” photographs and informative descriptions.

In addition to accessories, we offer you all spare parts for BlackBerry KEYone Mercury, as screens and touch screens, keyboards, motherboards, battery covers, batteries (power batteries). Original parts, we have established ourselves as a reliable supplier worldwide, including the countries of America, Europe, Indonesia and Australia.

What to look for:

  • BlackBerry KEYone has a large screen, for the protection of which we recommend to put a protective film on it, and purchase a reliable case
  • A capacious battery requires a high current charger, — all presented on this page meet this requirement.
  • Replace the keyboard BlackBerry KEYone on Russian, and you will significantly increase the efficiency of working with the device
  • For the most difficult repairs, you can purchase a smartphone motherboard KEYone

You can not only purchase spare parts for BlackBerry KEYone, but also get BlackBerry KEYone repair services in our specialized service center. And if you need help with a new smartphone, transfer contacts, install applications, set up email —, contact BlackBerry for setting up services .

Enjoy the catalog and successful acquisitions!

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Special offers

-76% $25
Buy Stereo Headset 3.5mm Stereo Headset for BlackBerry (copy)
The sound quality at the height, the appearance is indistinguishable from the original.
-75% $53
Buy 2nd Gen Mono Headset 3.5mm Original Mono Headset for BlackBerry
An improved version of the classic mono headset with advanced ergonomics and technical specifications. Design and quality BlackBerry.
-84% $32
Buy Holder in the car mount on the glass Universal Windshield Car Mount for BlackBerry
Will most comfortable using your BlackBerry while traveling. Very easy to use and compact, fully formed. Laconic design and unusual shape.

Packaging / box



Buy Smartphone Box BlackBerry KEYone
Original cardboard box from the smartphone BlackBerry KEYone. External box, inlays and inner boxes. It's just a box (packing). The smartphone and accessories are not included.

Protective sticker


For screen


Buy Brand protective film for IMAK Hydrogel screen (2 pieces) for BlackBerry KEYone
New technology! The Hydrogel — film is thin, durable, very elastic. Maximum protection and minimum presence on the screen!
Buy Original protective film for the screen is transparent (2 pieces) for BlackBerry KEYone
Verified excellent quality of the company BlackBerry. Thin, durable and perfectly transparent film to protect the screen from scratches and dirt. The film size is calculated only on the flat part of the screen, does not cover the lateral bends.

Protective sticker → For screen → Protective tempered glass

Buy Branded protective film-glass IMAK 9H for screen BlackBerry KEYone
Quality branded film-glass IMAK 9H has excellent strength characteristics and reliably protects the screen of your BlackBerry KEYone even from severe damages.
Buy Protective film-glass 2.5D for the screen for BlackBerry KEYone
A film of glass that perfectly protects and perfectly repeats the dimensions of the KEYone screen. Wear-resistant, will last long. Greaseproof coating. Stylish design.

Case and its accessories


Vertical flip case

Lightweight and elegant case for BlackBerry KEYone! Magnificently protects, but has a minimum thickness. Very easy to use

Case and its accessories → Horizontal filp case

Universal in design and very nice, velvety in texture case. Water repellent surface. With the function of the stand and purse.
Attractive multifunctional case for protecting KEYone from a durable material with a pleasant texture.
Classic case-book, made of genuine leather with all its advantages: a pleasant soft surface, a representative look, high resistance to daily wear. It is supplemented with functions of a support and a purse.
A profitable acquisition for KEYone! Perhaps the most practical cover, which combines a decent appearance, excellent protective properties and maximum functionality.
Buy Original Leather Case with Flip Case Cover for BlackBerry KEYone
The cover of the "book" configuration. Elegant and thin, with full protection of the device does not add extra volume and weight. Extensive options for ease of use.

Case and its accessories → Pocket case

Buy Original Pocket Sleeve Leather Pocket Case for BlackBerry KEYone
Original pocket-pocket Pocket Sleeve for BlackBerry KEYone - reliable protection and premium-style for your smartphone!

Case and its accessories → Snap-on case

A beautiful and reliable cover with a crocodile texture. Brand quality, natural leather cover.
Buy Branded plastic cover-cover IMAK Air Case for BlackBerry KEYone
IMAK Air — is light and transparent, like air! Protects the phone, completely preserving its design.
Buy Branded plastic cover-cover IMAK Sandy Shell for BlackBerry KEYone
Slim and lightweight branded cover-cover from IMAK with amazing texture. Removable mount-stand. Protective film included.

Case and its accessories → Silicone case

A high-quality, stylish and very pleasant to the touch cover, presented in two versions. Excellent protection against damage. Screen protector included.
Made of durable and resilient material. Safely protect your phone from adverse external influences. Creative combination of textures and smooth lines.

Memory card



Buy The original battery for BlackBerry KEYone
Suitable for replacing a faulty battery or battery with an already used reserve. The original battery is of high quality and long service life. 3505 mAh.

Charger and its accessories


Headset and its accessories


Media device


Cable, adapter or switch


Holder, mount, velcro or their parts


Spare part


USB connector

Buy USB connector (Charger Connector) T21 for BlackBerry KEYone
USB connector for BlackBerry KEYone, Type C type.

Spare part → Housing and its parts

Housing parts


Buy The bottom panel with antennas BlackBerry KEYone
Production BlackBerry, quality assurance.
Buy U-cover part without operator logo for BlackBerry KEYone
It is located under the keyboard and is one of the most visible elements of the case. Original part: the same u-cover is installed on the smartphone initially when assembling.

Spare part → Housing and its parts → Housing parts → Top-cover

Buy Top panel for BlackBerry KEYone
It is a plastic panel covering the upper part of the case of the KEYone smartphone.
Buy Upper housing for BlackBerry KEYone
The upper part of the case is replaced for several reasons, the main — appearance. This is the original hull element, the production of BlackBerry, installed on the smartphone initially.

Spare part → Housing and its parts → Housing parts → Battery (back) cover

Buy Original back cover for BlackBerry KEYone
Original back cover for BlackBerry KEYone. Production BlackBerry, original quality.

Spare part → Housing and its parts → Housing parts → Camera panel

Buy Camera Panel for BlackBerry KEYone
It is installed on the middle part of the case under the battery cover. Performs the function of fastening.

Spare part → Housing and its parts → Housing parts → Middle part

Buy The middle part of the body with side buttons for BlackBerry KEYone
The base of the BlackBerry KEYone case, on which the remaining parts of the — motherboard, screen, keyboard, battery are installed.

Spare part → Housing and its parts → Housing parts → Snap or mount

Buy Connector holder for BlackBerry KEYone
Performs the protective function — hides and holds connectors connected to the motherboard, as well as its other elements. Made of metal.

Spare part → Audiojack

Buy Audio connector (Headset Jack) T19 for BlackBerry Priv and KEYone
Audio connector type T19 for BlackBerry KEYone / Priv for connecting standard 3.5mm plugs. Allows you to connect headsets, car stereo systems via AUX cable, as well as other media devices to the smartphone, and there are other equipment controlled via the 3.5mm connector.

Spare part → Speaker

Buy Speakerphone Speakerphone T23 with mounting for BlackBerry KEYone
Reproduces the voice of your interlocutor during a conversation. Original spare part of high quality.
Buy Loudspeaker T22 for BlackBerry KEYone
High-quality media speaker for BlackBerry KEYone type T22, plays ringtones and other external sounds. Original spare part, production BlackBerry.

Spare part → Camera

Buy Front Camera T32 for BlackBerry KEYone
Front camera for BlackBerry KEYone, resolution 8 MPiks. Original spare part.
Buy Camera main T31 for BlackBerry KEYone
The main (rear) camera for BlackBerry KEYone. Original spare part.

Spare part → Substrate or keypad PCB

Substrate only

Buy Keyboard pad for BlackBerry KEYone
The film, on which the metal curved buttons are fixed, returning to the initial position after each pressing.

Spare part → Screen in assembly

Buy LCD screen + touchscreen + bezel for BlackBerry KEYone
Complete assembly, ready for installation solution. LCD IPS, 4.5 inches, 1080 × 1620 pixels. Production BlackBerry — оригинальное запчасть.

Spare part → Vibro motor

Buy Vibrator Motor T7 for BlackBerry KEYone
Implements the vibrate function on the KEYone smartphone.

Spare part → SIM-card holder

Used on BlackBerry KEYone to insert and hold both a SIM card and a memory card in the slot. Original spare, production BlackBerry.

Spare part → Screen (Display)

Buy LCD screen + touchscreen for BlackBerry KEYone
LCD IPS, 4.5 inches, 1080 × 1620 pixels. Production BlackBerry — оригинальное запчасть.

Spare part → Main keypad

Main keypad PCB

Buy Keyboard chip for BlackBerry KEYone
Part of the keyboard in the assembly, responsible for pressing keys. Includes substrate, buttons, and a microcircuit with connectors.

Spare part → Main keypad → English keypad

Keypad in assembly

Buy The original English keyboard assembly with the board, the sensor element, and a fingerprint scanner for BlackBerry KEYone
This is attached to the substrate board includes the sensor element, the fingerprint scanner. BlackBerry production.

Spare part → Main keypad → Russian keypad

Buy Russian keyboard for BlackBerry KEYone (engraving)
Only the keyboard, without a chip and the Spacebar. Russian letters are painted with yellow paint.

Spare part → PCB or integrated circuit

Of sensors


Spare part → PCB or integrated circuit → Fingerprint sensor

Buy Fingerprint scanner / Spacebar button for BlackBerry KEYone

Part of the keyboard in the assembly responsible for scanning fingerprints. It includes a substrate, the Spacebar button, and a chip with a connector.

Spare part → PCB or integrated circuit → Motherboard

Buy Motherboard for BlackBerry KEYone
The main element of the smartphone BlackBerry KEYone. Version 32 GB, 3 GB RAM, 1 SIM. This is the original motherboard, the production of BlackBerry, can be removed from the new or used-device. We guarantee the functionality of all functions, as well as services BlackBerry, including BIS.



Universal accessory