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Spare parts for BlackBerry

NFC antenna for BlackBerry 9900/9930 Bold Part of the hull - U-cover slider for BlackBerry 9800/9810 Torch, The black Russian keyboard assembly with the board and trackpad BlackBerry 9900/9930 Bold Touch, The black The panel with the front and rear cameras and side buttons for BlackBerry PlayBook, Without color, for Wi-Fi-version Frame display (LCD Frame) for the BlackBerry Z10 Chip sensors, LED and speaker for BlackBerry 8220 Pearl Flip The original ring with all the elements established by the top and the keyboard for BlackBerry 9500/9530 Storm, The black The middle part of the original case (metal basis) for the BlackBerry 9800/9810 Torch Part of the body - of the camera for the BlackBerry 9810 Torch, Torch, Black The chip SIM cards (SIM), a memory card, Bluetooth assembly with Trackball for BlackBerry 8220 Pearl Flip

Spare parts for BlackBerry are what is in your smartphone. Functional or exclusively external, from the biggest to the smallest, from the simple to the technically complex — all you'll find here. Spare parts are needed to repair any BlackBerry model, allowing you to maintain a smartphone in working condition for a long time, even if problem happened. Smashed BlackBerry screen? Keyboard does not work? Problems with charging? We will help you resolve all the issues with your smartphone, as Inforesheniya / is #1 BlackBerry parts supplier around the world. — Worldwide delivery.

Parts for BlackBerry

Looking for spare parts for BlackBerry? Definitely, you are in the right way:

  • The largest stock of spare parts for BlackBerry in the World — no jokes. Spare parts for all models BlackBerry, from the smallest (microcircuits and speakers) to large (motherboards, housings and screens) ones.
  • Spare parts are in stock. Most of the spare parts for BlackBerry are available in our store. If you see that the item is available for order — it is in stock.
  • If you need a replacement to repair BlackBerry, you can buy used spare parts, if you prefer. It does save your budget — used replacement parts are fully operational, tested, and covered by the same warranty as the new ones.
  • Live photos of all spare parts. We understand that you want to see the parts that you buy, and we take all photos by ourself.
  • Detailed descriptions. What is located on this or that component? Proximity, lighting sensors? A microphone? Which smartphones are compatible with the part? We will tell this.
  • We deliver parts around the World. Simply select an address for delivery and the postal service when ordering, and you will be able to see estimated shipping time and cost.
  • Trusted. Our clients are individuals and legal entities in Russia, USA, Canada, Europe, Indonesia, South America, and other countries of the world!

Original spare parts, Used and New ones

There are types of spare parts for BlackBerry:

  1. Original spare parts — Authentic. These are spare parts are produced by BlackBerry and its partners. They are quality and have a long life. Such parts look and work as they did on the new BlackBerry. Original spare parts are ideal for replacements of originally installed parts while repairing.
  2. Copies, or compatible parts for BlackBerry — usually produced in the nameless factories of China, in most cases worse than original in quality. For example, screens may have lower resolution and poor color reproduction, and there may be problems with its installation. Such spare parts are much cheaper than the original ones.
  3. Spare parts-copies with original components installed. For example, the bezel is a copy one, on which the original chips and functional parts are installed. As a rule, this solves the problems with the correct work, but the materials can be worse.
Pay attention, almost all the spare parts that you see at a low price on other sites are copies. They do not declare it, or even state them as original. Remember that disappointment from poor quality lasts more than the joy of a low price. We clearly distinguish original and copy spare parts, and give you full information about the goods.

We also offer you new and used replacement parts:

  1. New spare parts for BlackBerry. These are produced in factories or taken off from the new BlackBerry devices. They are ideal for refreshing the appearance of the device. Note that some used replacement parts, for example, chips, can be sold as new, but are removed from second-hand devices.
  2. Used replacement parts for BlackBerry. Removed from second-hand devices. They are fully functional. Their service life in most cases does not differ from new ones. The guarantee is the same. In general, the ideal way to repair BlackBerry and cheaper.

Types of spare parts for BlackBerry

BlackBerrys are complex technical devices, smartphones, tablets. They consist of a multitude of elements that combine to acquire a complete form and perfect functionality. Below are listed all types of spare parts for BlackBerry, choose what you need. This section presents spare parts for all BlackBerry models.

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