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VPN service for BlackBerry

VPN service for BlackBerry

VPN service for BlackBerry

After configuring the VPN on BlackBerry, the device will be given a foreign IP address, and it will be detected as if it is located in another country. Get many of advantages — Reliable encryption of all the traffic even in public Wi-Fi networks; Full anonymity; Access to BlackBerry services, such as ID, World, Protect, BBM for countries where these services are blocked. In addition to BlackBerry devices, our VPN can be used on Android and iOS devices to run BBM. Minimum order — 6 months.
The service is available for international customers (can be provided remotely).

Price of VPN service for BlackBerry service for your BlackBerry model


You need access to all BlackBerry services? Reliable encryption of all the traffic? Anonymity?

What is VPN and why do you need it

VPN (Virtual Private Network) — a technology that allows to provide a network connection (logical network) over another network (Wi-Fi, mobile network like MTS, T-Mobile, Verizon, Vodafone, or Any other connection). Despite the fact that communications are carried out through unprotected open networks (like public Wi-Fi), the level of trust in the logical VPN network is always high due to the use of cryptography (encryption, authentication, public key infrastructure, etc.).

VPN, unlike Proxy, works not only over Wi-Fi, but also over the carrier's network. In addition, Proxy does not remove some restrictions.

In Russia and some other countries VPN on BlackBerry devices is simply necessary — read about it (Russian language).

Minimum order is 6 months.

VPN service for BlackBerry

You can search online various servers to configure VPN, however, all of them, without exception, are difficult to configure, or do not specialize or do not support BlackBerry, or do not provide reliable connectivity.

We offer you a specialized solution for BlackBerry. What allows our VPN for BlackBerry devieces:

  • Encrypt all traffic, including encryption in public Wi-Fi networks
  • Location and identification — Netherlands
  • High speed connection
  • Anonymity
  • Reliable and permanent connectivity
  • No restrictions on traffic volumes and connection time
  • Access to BlackBerry ID, Protect, World and other BlackBerry services for countries where these services are blocked
  • Use BBM for countries where BBM is blocked
  • Use BBM Voice, BBM Video for countries where BBM is blocked

Since remote set up is possible, we offer this service worldwide!

VPN for BlackBerry set up instructions.

Set up VPN on iOS and Android for BBM

For Android and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) we also offer a VPN service that, in addition to standard advantages, will provide the opportunity to use BBM in countries where this messenger is not available.

When ordering a VPN for iOS and Android, specify the device model and the version of the operating system in the order comments field.w